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Program Structure


Housed within the elite Honors College, Honors Humanities is the University of Maryland’s premier honors program for talented beginning undergraduates with diverse interests in the humanities and creative arts. Housed in beautiful Anne Arundel Hall, the two-year living-learning program combines a small liberal arts college environment with the dynamic resources of a large research university. Open to academically gifted students of all backgrounds and intended majors, Honors Humanities offers unique opportunities to explore the fields of history, literature, philosophy, language, cultural studies, ethnic and gender studies, anthropology, and the creative and performing arts. These opportunities are fostered through small seminars, special events, and close contact with distinguished faculty from across the disciplines of the University. Honors Humanities is a diverse community that thrives on a rich and stimulating variety of viewpoints: we welcome both those who seek preparation for advanced undergraduate and/or graduate study in the humanities, and those who wish to complement intended majors and professional interests that lie elsewhere with wide-ranging and challenging exposure to the humanities.

Honors Humanities is open to students in all majors. Non-humanities majors often find that the Honors Humanities program provides a background for study in other fields and that it develops an appreciation of the arts and humanities that contributes to an artful life. Students who complete the 16-credit program receive a citation in Honors Humanities. One of the most important elements of Honors Humanities is the close ties students develop with peers and faculty. This results from the small size of the program which only has about 100 members at any one time.

The core of the Honors Humanities program is the Keystone Project, which is completed at the end of a student's second year at the University of Maryland. The exact goals of a student's Keystone Project are entirely up to that student. Some students choose to do original research in such fields as history or education. Others choose to compose their own creative works in areas ranging from theatre to literature to music. Students work with peers and faculty in their Honors Humanities courses to develop and complete their project.

"This really seems like a program for me. The in-depth discussion, the interesting works, and a lot less structure than other schools. It's an intellectual setting. This is exactly what I was looking for. It's the best of both worlds."
                        -John Mathias, Honors Humanities Class of 2006

In addition to the Keystone Project, students take Honors seminars in the humanities through the Honors College. More information about the course requirements can be found in the citation requirements section of this website.

In addition to regular course work, the Honors Humanities program sponsors many co-curricular activities for its members and the larger campus community. Some of these activities include guest lecturers, musical and theatre performances, and trips to such places as nearby Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and New York City .

The Honors Humanities program is based in Anne Arundel Hall, located just behind the McKeldin Mall in the center of campus. Anne Arundel is near the College of Arts and Humanities, located in Francis Scott Key Hall, as well as many of the main academic buildings on campus, including Stamp Student Union, McKeldin Library and Hillel. Honors Humanities classes are held in Anne Arundel Hall as well as other nearby buildings.

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