Internships, Assistantships, Study Abroad, & More

3-credit internships and teaching assistantships that engage Arts & Humanities methodologies and/or disciplines are eligible to fulfill Honors Humanities requirements. Any 3-credit study abroad program recognized by the University of Maryland is eligible to fulfill Honors Humanities requirements, upon completion of a program assignment. Whether for Honors Humanities credit or not, our students work and study in a variety of fields all over the Washington area and the world.

Honors Humanities

Students can enroll in our internship course, HHUM328 for 1-3 credits. An internship with Honors Humanities offers an opportunity to contribute to our program in various ways, including:

Students can also complete a 3-credit Teaching Assistantship for HHUM105 or HHUM106.


Students are also able to intern elsewhere on campus. Here are just a few of the on-campus internships our students have worked:


Many students choose an off-campus internship. Here are several examples of intership experiences our students have had:

Study Abroad

Our students have participated in study abroad programs across the world. Here are just a few of many incredible opportunities to travel and study abroad:

Other UMD Programs & Opportunities

Our students are often also members of other academic, artistic, and professional communities on campus, including: