Alumni Involvement

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Speaking Opportunities

We love having alumni come and share their experiences after Honors Humanities with students. We believe it’s important for students to hear from graduates how Honors Humanities can inform any profession, and provide vital skills for future work. If you are interested in coming as a guest speaker, please contact us.

Testimonials and Announcements

We’d love to hear what you are up to! Feel free to send us announcements of awards, jobs and other accomplishments you’d like to share. If you are interested in providing a testimonial on Honors Humanities for our website, you can also share that here.

Internship and Job Recruitment

Need interns? We are happy to advertise any opportunities you may have for Honors Humanities students.

Alumni Events

We would love to stay in touch, and have you contribute to the Honors Humanities family! We host alumni specific events throughout the year, and also welcome alumni to attend the annual Keystone Symposium. To be updated on upcoming events, please sign up for our listserv here. To hear about what Honors Humanities is up to, we welcome you to sign up for our newsletter, Impressions here.


Honors Humanities gives an award each year to a student with a remarkable creative Keystone project. This award is in memory of former Honors Humanities student Lowell Ensel. If you would like to give towards this award, please visit here.