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Introduction to the Arts and Humanities

This course is designed to give you an introduction to our university, its resources, and the study of the humanities at it. In the process, we will be raising a larger set of questions concerning the purpose of a university-level education (“higher education”), the meaning of the “humanities” and “liberal arts” and the value of studying them, and the different ways that different cultures throughout history have answered these questions. Our strategy will be to pursue these questions through examining a diverse selection of some of the most important works of literature, music, philosophy, history, religion, visual art, language study, psychology, anthropology, political theory, and even economic, sociological, and natural science, in world history. We will consider all of these as practices of the “humanities,” or at least indissociable from them. The essence of this course is our examining, thinking through and discussing these issues together in a communal atmosphere that should prove both challenging and fun. As you begin considering what you wish to study and pursue at this university -- and even more importantly, as you begin to consider the arc, pursuits, and priorities of the rest of your life -- we will consider together, in a spirit both searching and critical, how some of the most original, influential, and diverse voices, practitioners, and theorists of the humanities and arts have engaged such questions before us.

Keystone Project: During their first semester students will explore possible topics for a creative or research project; select and begin researching a particular topic; and write a project proposal.

**Please note that HHUM105 was formerly ARHU105: Introduction to the Arts and Humanities**

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