Involvement Opportunities in Honors Humanities

HHUM328: Internship

Students can enroll in this course to contribute to our program in various ways: editing the newsletter, organizing our annual Symposium, or serving as our photographer. The newsletter is a way we share what is happening in Honors Humanities with prospective and current students as well as alumni. Students can also enroll in this course to complete an internship outside of the program, for a non-profit organization, a museum, a government agency or any experience in which the Humanities are central to the work.

Internship Resources

Campus Organizations students are involved in include:

Students have had internships with:

For more information on internship opportunities, contact Kate Juhl at the Career Center.

HHUM329: Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship

Want teaching experience while on campus? Our students serve as teaching assistants in any one of our sequence of courses.

Honors Humanities Council

Want to get experience in leadership? Honors Humanities council members speak on behalf of the student body to staff about the needs and requests of students in the program. Previous council members have become SGA presidents, officers, and more. Learn more about the current council here.