The Humanities have always been focused on learning to live, or on what Thomas Jefferson called “the pursuit of happiness.” The Humanities are therefore perfectly suited to a tightly-knit living-learning community in which most of us live together in Anne Arundel Hall, all of us attend classes and study together, and all of us share programs, events, and experiences together. Because ours is a small program, our members have close ties with one another and become friends throughout college and beyond. Anne Arundel Hall, at the center and highest point on campus, is our home. Here, we reside, have our offices and many of our classes, and hold most of our social and academic events. Our lounge has a grand piano which many of our members play, displays art created by our students, and has a projection TV on which films are often screened. In our kitchen we prepare brownies to share, pancakes for Mardi Gras, and popcorn for movie nights.

While Honors Humanities sponsors a variety of events throughout the year to foster community, the Living & Learning side of the program also allows for events developed by the Honors Humanities Council, a group of ten students chosen by their peers. Our students hold humanities happy hours, open mic nights, and holiday gift-exchanges. They hike in Great Falls Park, visit a pumpkin patch for what we call HHalloween, and attend concerts and plays together in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center on campus.