Resources for Honors Humanities Students and Alumni

This page contains resources on academic and programatic opportunities, requirements, and procedures for Honors Humanities students. Important links, forms, and other resources for current students can be found below. Honors Humanities alumni can also find information and resources about staying connected to HoHum below.

Letter of Recommendation Requests

Honors Humanities staff are delighted to recommend you for academic and professional opportunities.

To request a recommendation from a current or former Honors Humanities staff member or instructor, please contact that person directly, and send them:

1. Information about the program or position to which you are applying, along with a link to their website.
2. A brief personal statement describing your interest in this opportunity.
3. A resume if you have one.
4. An unofficial transcript if necessary.
5. Information about how and when to submit the recommendation.

We need at least 2 weeks to complete a recommendation. If your recommendation is due in less than 2 weeks, please note that in some circumstances we may not be able to complete your request.

If you need help finding your recommender's contact information, please email

Think Outside the Shell Microgrants

If you are an Honors Humanities student or citation recipient in good standing at the University of Maryland, we invite you to apply for a Think Outside the Shell Microgrant to financially support your learning, service, and/or career activities. Microgrant funds can be used to cover or offset the cost of graduate school applications, med school interviews, keystones, on- or off-campus service projects, study abroad, professional development workshops and conferences, or other academic, service, or career pursuits not listed here.

We offer individual microgrants between $25 and $250. Students pursuing more than one eligible activity may apply for more than one grant. Limit one microgrant per activity.

To apply, please email Dr. Humud at with the following:

1. A brief description of what you plan to do and why it matters to you or the greater community (250 words or less)
2. A list of expected costs
3. Your resume
4. A brief bio (200 words or less) to help us better understand how your proposed activity or pursuit aligns with your goals

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and you are welcome to apply at any time throughout the school year.

Citation Completion and Graduation

Once you have completed each of the requirements to receive your citation, please submit your citation form here. If you have any questions about citation requirments, please read the forms below or email

We look forward to honoring your graduation by awarding you your cord. In preparation for that, we ask you to complete your Honors Humanities graduation cord form. This form is required for each Honors Humanities graduate. Please email when your form is complete and you are ready to receive your cord.

Careers & Internships

Join the Honors Humanities network on LinkedIn! Keep in touch with fellow HoHum alumni, post internship and job opportunities for current students, and find career opportunities for yourself through our HoHum network.

Are you an Honors Humanities alumnus interested in mentoring students, sharing internship opportunities, or coming back to campus for alumni events? We would love to hear from you! Please fill out our Alumni Google Form, email, or post career opportunities directly on our Honors Humanities LinkedIn page.

Check out the University of Maryland Career Services website for resume and cover letter advice, internship and job opportunities, and more. We at Honors Humanities are also more than happy to help you find your dream position. We want to work with you! Please email your Honors Humanities advisor or email

Supporting Honors Humanities

Would you like to support the work we do at Honors Humanities? If you would like to donate to help us provide the best resources for our students and alumni, please consider giving to Honors Humanities at our donation webpage. Your donation to Honors Humanities supports our connections with the arts & humanities in Washington, DC, our curriculum development, and our students’ Keystone projects. Thank you for supporting education in the arts and humanities! If you would like to contact us directly, please email